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What’s Killing Your Time? OfficeTime Announces “Top 10 Time Killers”

LONDON (February 13, 2013) – February is recognized as Time Management Month, giving focus on the need to evaluate and reprioritize out-of-balance lives. To help draw attention to the massive amount of time spent on time-killing activities that throw life out-of-balance, has released its annual “Top 10 Time Killers” list.

The Top 10 Time Killers list was created following a worldwide survey of over 600 people, mostly small business owners, freelancers and other professionals. Results were ranked based on the percentage of people spending between one to two hours on each activity.

The 2013 “Top Time Killers”, listed with the percentages of people spending between one to two hours each day on each activity, are:

10. “Getting caught up in bureaucracy / red tape” – 8%

9. “Talking on cell phone / texting” – 10% (one in 10 also spends more than two hours a day with their phone)

8. “Social networking” – 11%

7. “Travel time / commuting” – 13%

6. “Non-business related conversations” – 16% (this activity affects the vast majority of people, with nine in 10 people spending up to two hours a day chatting and only 3% not spending any time involved in idle “water cooler” conversations)

5. “Meetings” – 18%

4. “Procrastination” – 19% (only one out of 10 survey respondents did not hesitate to claim they do not procrastinate)

3. “Watching TV” – 26% (watching TV is a huge time killer for many, with 16% watching more than two hours a day of TV)

2. “Surfing the Internet” – 27% (eight out of 10 people say they spend up to two hours per day browsing and shopping various web pages)

And the Top Time Killer for 2013 is the same as it was for 2012:

1. “Email” – 33% of survey respondents report they spend between one to two hours per day contending with their emails. 22% spend more than two hours per day, the most out of all time killing activities. Unlike all other activities, email affected each and every one of the respondents. It was the only activity with which 0% said they spend no time at all.

“Time management is something everyone can do better,” says Stephen Dodd, director of “Yet you can’t manage your time if you don’t know where it’s going, can’t know where it’s going if you don’t track it, and you won’t track it if you don’t have a tool that’s easy to use. That’s where OfficeTime comes in – it was designed to be easy to use so you track more time and, therefore, improve your time management.”

For more information about OfficeTime and how it can help increase productivity with its simple-to-use time tracking system, visit

About was established in 2003 as a spin-off from Transcena Design of Edmonton, Canada. OfficeTime was developed in response to Transcena’s urgent need for an easy-to-use, effective, time-tracking application. Ideal for anyone who bills by the hour, OfficeTime makes recording and tracking time and expenses simple with a clean, elegant interface.

Read more and learn some tips on how to fight back and be more productive at:

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